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Wushu has over time become a formal branch of study in the performancing arts by the Chinese. It is the most popular national sport in the country of China, and is practised by people of all ages. Modern wushu has shifted it's emphasis from combat to performance, and it is practiced for its method of achieving heath, self-defense skills, mental discipline, recreational pursuit and competition.

Wushu is characterized by it dynamic and fluid motions along with its arial kicks, rolling techniques and weapons. Wushu is the Chinese word for all the styles of Chinese Martial Arts. These arts can be Tai Chi, Shaolin Boxing, Wing Chun, Choy Lee Fut and many other martial styles. The main styles of Wushu are:

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Short Weapons

  • Jian (double-edged sword)
  • Taijijian (Taiji double-edged sword)
  • Nandao (Southern single-edged sword)

Long Weapons

  • Gun (Staff)
  • Qiang (Spear)
  • Nangun (Southern Staff)

When you look at the Chinese characters for wushu, it is actually two characters or words, Wu meaning 'martial' and Shu meaning 'art'. Upon further examination of the Chinese character for Wu, it too is two characters, Zhi meaning ' do not do' and Ge meaning 'Fight'. Thus the characters translate to 'Do not Fight'.Therefore, the word Wushu really means the 'Art of not fighting'.

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